Privacy Policy

Careten Solutions Inc. (“Careten”) values the privacy of our Site visitors (“Visitors”) and members (“Members”). As such, we have set up this Privacy Policy to advise you of the way your information is used by us and other third parties, when you access our Site and Services. This Privacy Policy is a part of the Terms of Use accepted by you, in order to utilize our services. Please note: Capitalized terms that are not defined in this Privacy Policy have the same meanings that were provided in Careten’s Terms of Use.

Section I – Your Profile

Careten will need specific information from you to facilitate the creation of your personal profile as a Care Seeker or Care Provider. You will need to provide background information such as your specialty, educational credentials, services offered, rates, and location. This information will be accessible to other Site Visitors or Users. See Section III below for specific details.

Section II - User Agreement

As noted above, in order to use our Services or Site, you will be required to provide personal information to Careten. In view of this, you grant us the right to use your information at our discretion, including to collect and share such information, in accordance with our policies. You also agree to adhere to our full Privacy Policy.

Section III - Personal Data Collected

The personal data (“Personal Data”) that you provide to us upon registration is completely voluntary and on a consensual basis. This data includes your phone number, email address and other information that enables site users to view your identity and contact you.

A) Specific Types of Data Collected

  • Care Seekers will need to provide information that includes name, contact information, date of birth, medical condition, services required, and a photo.
  • Care Providers and other Members will need to provide information that may include contact information, date of birth, criminal background, bank/financial information, educational credentials, work experience, interests and driver’s license number.
  • Careten may retain your contact information and the messages or feedback you send to us, as a means of providing a response
  • Careten may retain the email addresses of non-users of our Site once such information is provided by our Members; although these addresses are used for communication purposes only, and non-users can unsubscribe from receiving emails from us.
B) How Your Data is Collected


In order to customize and facilitate your use of our Service and Site, Careten utilizes technology that automatically tracks and collects data from users. This includes how you use or Service, data related to the technology or operating system you use, URLs, browser, and page visits. Tracking technologies place cookies and gifs on your computer to store your data and browsing history for future use. Information and postings that you voluntarily provide to us will also be stored in our system, and may be accessible by other Site users. Please note that third parties such as our advertisers may also place cookies on your system. However, such third party cookies are used in accordance with their own Privacy Policy, and not by Careten’s policies. While you have the option of rejecting gifs and cookies, you may not have full access to all of our Service. To remove gifs and cookies, you will need to visit your browser’s Help pages.

2.Other Members:

Careten also collects data that other Members may post or provide about you, such as data posted by your Care Provider, or by a Care Seeker.

3.External Resources:

Additionally, Careten may utilize services that identify member locations in order to aid with specific services. We may also utilize third party services to aid in tracking non-personally identifiable data. Third parties such as those that provide background checks may also share with us personal data about you, which we may then store.

Section IV - Use of Your Personal Data

Careten respects the privacy of our Site and Service users, and we are committed to ensuring that your personal data is used only in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Below is a list of how your personal data is used.

A) General Use

  • Provide feedback to your questions and issues, or request data from you, via the email address or telephone number you supplied
  • Offer customer support and fulfill your service requests
  • Forward security and other advisories, as well as notifications related to your services and products
  • Facilitate such functions as background checks
  • Check credentials of healthcare providers
  • Aid in the creation and storing of your profile
  • Notify you of any Service changes or issues
  • Forward information related to billing
  • Enhance our Services, and customize your user experience
  • Provide marketing materials to you about our Services/Product offerings
Further to the above, Careten reserves the right to share information concerning Site users or others at our discretion, if we believe that their actions or behavior may be detrimental to us or other parties.

B) Third Party Use

Third party use of your Personal Data is not covered by our Privacy Policy, even though there may be links to third parties on our Site. These third parties include ad agencies and those advertising services and products. Our Privacy Policy only covers how Careten utilizes your Personal Data. If you access a third-party through our Site, the third party may obtain some of your personal as well as some non-identifying data. The data that the third party collects is then governed by their site’s privacy policy. Further, we have no control over the content on third-party sites, or anything that may result from your use of such content. We also cannot determine or control the way in which your Personal Data or any other information will be used. However, some privacy laws have provisions that may protect data posted on our Site by users. You are ultimately responsible for the data that you share with other Members.

Please note that we may also be required to share your personal and other data with legal, government or other external parties, for matters such as court and trial events, and subpoenas. Also note that should our business be acquired by another company, all of our files, assets and Member information is likely to be acquired as well.

Section V - Protection of Your Personal Data

It is our goal to ensure that Users of our Site have a safe environment in which to share their information. As such, Careten has implemented processes and reputable technologies to keep your Personal Data secure, and free from loss, illegal disclosure, misuse or manipulation, or access by unsanctioned parties. However, as with any other website and database, security breaches can occur, and we cannot provide a full guarantee against such breaches. To help protect your data, please bear in mind the following:

  • Strive to create a strong password such as one that uses both words and numbers
  • Do not share your password with anyone, unless you wish to grant them access to your account
  • Take caution regarding forwarding emails with sensitive, confidential information to us
Section VI - Minors

Our Services are only available to people who are age 18 or older. Careten does not intentionally collect Personal Data from Site visitors under age 18. Parents and guardians should ensure that children under age 18 do not provide personal data to Our Site. We will act to remove any personal data entered on Our Site by a minor, once we are notified.

Section VII - Notification to Foreign Residents

For foreign residents who may access our Site, please note that the privacy laws in your country of residence may differ from those of the U.S. and other countries. As we are a U.S. based Site, the collection and use of any information that you voluntarily provide to us will be in accordance with U.S. laws and restrictions.

Section VIII - Choices

In order to accommodate the needs of our Members, Careten provides choices related to the use of personal information, as well as how your information is collected and disclosed. Specifically, you can choose to stop receiving the promotional or other information you receive from us by email. You may still receive information from us regarding changes in our Service, administrative issues, along with important policy updates. If you decide to opt-out of providing certain personal information, please be aware that certain Site areas may no longer be accessible to you.

Section IX - Account Changes

The information you provide in your profile may be modified or updated by you at your discretion. You may contact us at any time to delete the personal information in your profile, or the profile itself. However, we may still be required to keep the information you provided for a specific time period, or for specific reasons, and the information may be archived in our system. Please bear in mind as well that we cannot remove or authorize the removal of any information that have already been provided to third parties about you.

Section X - Modifications to Privacy Policy

If we deem it necessary or timely to make a modification to our Privacy Policy, you will be notified of modifications either through a posting on our Site, through an update forwarded to you via email, or we may use both means to notify you. Please be aware that such modifications could affect the way the information you provided is used or shared. Further, please ensure that your contact information is up-to-date, as our Privacy Policy will be valid within 30 days of dispatching an email to you via the address you provided, whether or not you receive the email. If a notice is posted on our site prior to email notifications, then the modifications will go into effect instantly for new Visitors/Members, and within 30 days of the posting, for current Users.

Once a notice is forwarded to you or posted on our Site, your ongoing patronage of our Site/Service will be construed as your agreement to the modifications and their terms. Please note that it is within your right to reject the modifications to our Privacy Policy. However, you would need to contact us to request that we close your account, before the changes come into effect.

Section XI - Messaging Service

Careten has established means via our Site to facilitate the exchange of messages between Members. By utilizing this function, you agree that we are not to be held liable for the data you or another party share through our messaging service. You also acknowledge that as we cannot control the data exchanged in messages, or how the data will be used by either party, the contents of messages are not protected by our Privacy Policy.

Section XII - Contact Us

For questions, comments or feedback related to our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact Careten by calling us at 855.9.CARE10 - (855.922.7310).